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ATX is going from strength to strength.

We are inspiring our customers with quality services, products and individual solutions and guaranteeing long term satisfaction. We are constantly developing our products, adjusting them to our clients’ wishes and so maintaining the very high standards we set for ourselves.

Product innovation

Just thinking isn't enough. We prefer to think ahead!

ATX specialises in all aspects of fixture technology, providing the ideal equipment for every currently available test system and supporting you with one-stop shopping for all the required services. In addition it is our aim to support you in an even more comprehensive way.

  • MMI - Man Machine Interface

    Driven by the requirements of our customers - to safeguard the employees' health and ergonomics at the workplace, and not to exceed the cardiac rate during the operation of the adapter - ATX experts developed a new lever mechanism, which comes up to the highest expectations.

    mechanical fixtureThe newly developed lever mechanism, for which registered design status has been applied, is specially adapted to the hand movements of your employees and enables stress-free use by the operator. Working on the adapters guarantees the maintenance of right-angles at the elbows and the knees and so an upright sitting posture is ensured. Furthermore we avoid putting unnecessary stress on arms, shoulders, legs and back.

    The MMI creates the optimum conditions for an ergonomic workplace.