ATX Hardware GmbH West

The technological edge

There's a lot about us that's unique. You can take our word for it.

In comparison to other manufacturers there are some features which are highly individual to our company. For example, it is typical of ATX to combine the traditional values and advantages of a solid mid-sized enterprise with new ideas, dynamic action and consistent technical innovation. And there are four more decisive features which are an integral part of our profile:

  • We don't just make an in-depth analysis of individual test requirements – every new challenge we face enables us to grow and gain the confidence of new customers.
  • A high level of expertise is not just anchored at the core of our company – our sales experts are at the same time also qualified technicians and will work closely with you in developing the ideal solution for your requirements.
  • We don't just develop special equipment or specific solutions for individual and newly developed test scenarios – we also provide back-up services and user training for the purpose of ensuring that your processes operate securely and productively in the long term.
  • We're not satisfied with mere quality – instead we are committed to the highest quality requirements and have developed the tools to achieve them - for example our stress analysis software for the calculation of distortion in devices to be tested and our own-design test installations for seamless testing of new and repaired products.

Wiring and Test

For the wiring and test area ATX has developed special machines and software with graphic display. This includes wiring machines with integrated test function, universal test machines for in-circuit and combined function tests as well as flexible test systems specialized for individual function test adapters.

A wide-reaching semi-automatic wiring complemented by an extensive end test of the finished adapter is targeted.

For the end test the following test methods are implemented:

  • End test of each individual wiring already at the wiring machine.
  • End check of the completely mounted adapter, for example through a short-circuit test of each single test point against one another (for the Adapter up to 8500 test channels).
  • Additional connection tests with short-circuit board in suctioned resp. compressed condition.
  • If required, interactive tests with high performance, graphic supported Loc-Pin function.

Automatic Wiring and Quality Control in Practice:

Placeholder image

Wiring at ATX wiring machines.

Due to the structure with six independent movement axes, the pin carrier plate and interface are impacted simultaneously, allowing the time-optimized wiring process with automatic electric test after each wiring process.

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Screen-supported solder wiring.

of a functional test fixture with complex solder wirings.

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Test of a double-sided HP307X In-line fixture.

The test system has an integrated hydraulic pressing unit available for pressing the mechanical fixture with a pressing force of up to 7000 H.

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Test of vacuum fixture.

Test of vacuum fixture at universal test machine and implementation of additional interactive Loc-pin functions.

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Universal test station (Verdra Box) specifically for functional test wirings.

A universal cable routing and plug system is implemented for the adaptation to a great variety of typical plug combinations for functional fixtures.