LHS²-Series | Linear Arm Fixture

Linear lever clamps - your solution with minimum space requirements for the effortless and cost-effective execution of smaller adaptations, such as flash programming or small function tests up to approx. 100 needles 2N. For clear cost reduction with small assemblies and manageable quantities. The LHS² is the optimised successor of the proven LHS system. It convinces with its robust design and the resulting high cycle stability. Even high-volume production is no problem with these machines.

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Interfaceblock Rohteil
170-pol Signalblock
136-pol Signalblock
85-pol Signalblock
39-pol Signalblock
40-pol Signalblock
45-pol Hochstromblock
32-pol Hochstromblock
24-pol Hochstromblock
8-pol Hochstromblock
8-pol Pneumatikblock
13-pol Blöcke
High Speed Blöcke
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