Application Automate ICT and FKT test

Automate ICT and FKT test

ATX is going from strength to strength.

Roboter from Company Franka EMIKA

Collaborating robots are more and more integrated in the manufacturing of mounted PCB’s. The permanent price pressure on European assembly manufacturers imposes the enhancement of the automation level.

The powerful and extremely resilient ATX Open-Close fixture creates new prospects for you. The fixture hood opens and closes automatically and optimizes the cycle times of the test fixture, robot and test machine system. The state-of-the-art ATX fixture technology enables the easy loading of the vacuum fixture with the robot.

With the well-thought safety mechanisms, the fixture is driven in a normal test environment without special safety guards. This way, the robot is easily implemented in the manned test field without any hazard for personnel nearby and offers new process flows for the future. Test fixtures and robots can be used on several test machines and require short maintenance times. The fixtures can also be used manually for the perfect and flexible distribution of production volumes.

The reliable process is further guaranteed by the optimal insertion position for each individual PCB allowing the safe placement of the robot and an easy programming. The robot delivers the assemblies through magazine systems and deposits them in the specific OK/Not OK magazines. Automatic scanning of the bar codes and OK marking are all possible.

The automatic circuit board ejection offers options for shortening the handling times of the robot and human users. Over the years we have developed many special solutions. At ATX you will find competent and passionate technical inventors who already today develop the customized solutions for the future.