Test Fixture Fixture accessories for your test equipment.

Spare part service

You can look forward to streamlined and fast delivery of spare parts.

Time is money and it is highly inconvenient when test routines and production processes are interrupted. However, the convenient, streamlined and fast spare part service provided by ATX ensures that in this area too, you don't need to worry about problems.

We have large stocks of parts which are subject to wear and tear as well as a range of machine construction components. A phone call is all it takes and we pick out from our shelves the urgently needed housing hinge, electric bi-level motor, locking bolt or even manufacturer-specific sensor electronics. Every component you need will reach you fast and efficiently thanks to our tried and tested logistics.

Just think of frequently used pneumatic components or the important subject of replacement probes. Here, too, we have a first-class range, with around 300 probe types in all the usual prestigious brands. This means that the type you require can be on its way to you without delay.

And if you are a regular ATX customer you can take advantage of a further benefit, because a quick check is all we need to establish which test fixture or special machines we have supplied to you and to ensure that the spare parts are exactly in line with your system.