Application Automatic test equipment for all current handler types.

In-Line fixture

Significantly higher efficiency with test scenarios using in-line fixtures.

Each In-line fixtures by ATX contains many years of experience and outstanding development expertise. We can provide you with exactly the right device for all currently available lines and handling systems. Whether it is CRS, Grohmann, Hatec, Hezel, IPTE, Jot, KTS, Philips or Rohwedder-Pematech, the PCB-specific assembly is just as much guaranteed as the highest level of process efficiency. This will be demonstrated by a real sample application.

The customer's requirements were as follows:

For an in-line fixture with double sided contacting it was necessary for the transfer interface from the other to the lower side to be accessed at the same time as the probe bed. The upper probe bed was accessed pneumatically in order to first centre the PCB before the probes made contact. As the space between the belts was already occupied by the PCB the transfer interface had to be located behind the rear belt.

In this test environment the customer had the problem with previous versions that with every lift the cables between the interface and the probe carrier board were moved if the interface and the probe bed were not activated in parallel. This meant that cable breakage was inevitable.

And this application is our solution:

In order to ensure reliable long-term operations ATX developed a scissor mechanism which makes it possible to place the probe bed and the interface at a jointly moved level, this ensuring fully parallel movement.

The transmission makes the pneumatic drive strong enough to depress several thousand probes. In spite of this the technical features are low in weight and easy to maintain.