Company Test equipment for your PCB.

History of ATX

We grow with the tasks we face – which has also involved a few quantum leaps.

ATX has experienced growth which is unheard-of in the fixtures industry. For us it has always been a matter of course to set ourselves demanding and innovative challenges. Our customers quickly became aware of this and the result was that we were constantly presented with new and exciting tasks which have contributed dynamically and sustainably to our growth. As a concrete example of our success ATX produces, tests and delivers up to 2,000 test units a year.


Harald Quandt Industriebeteiligungen acquires majority stake in ATX Hardware GmbH.


In total ATX employs 160 people at both locations.


ATX uses its own developed software for the controlled setting of pushfingers.


ATX increases the storage facilities by renting additional 550 sqm.


ATX takes over the complete fixture business from Feinmetall (FM). Joint visits of both sales teams manage a far reaching integration of FM customers in the ATX.


The second production location in Weil im Schönbuch proves highly successful and becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of ATX Hardware. Now the company operates independently under the name of ATX Hardware GmbH West. It is set to expand, because with its well-equipped production facilities and favourable location the ATX subsidiary can offer its many customers in Baden-Württemberg not only outstanding technical performance but short distances and perfect services.


Only two years after major expansion at the facility the production capacities of ATX Hardware´s Pürgen location are no longer sufficient to meet demand. The lease of a storage area with an additional 240 m² provides the opportunity to use the existing stores for production lines and connect them to the main production area. This improtant measure adds 100 m² to the high-capacity CNC-based production operations of ATX.


In the municipality of Weil im Schönbuch near Böblingen ATX opens a second location for the production of test fixtures, on the model of the company's successful and entirely modernised production facility in Pürgen.


The production department at ATX his extended and completely modernised. The workforce now numbers 80. Since 1997 more than 10,000 units have been supplied to customers throughout the world.


New office space of 160 m² is also leased in the neightbourhood for the company´s management, releasing additional space for production operations.


ATX continues to grow fast, with space of 180 m² leased in a neightbouring building helping to accommodate the growing sales team.


In addition to the company´s representation in the Benelux countries an agency is now also established in Italy.


ATX now offers its customer an efficient on-the-spot service, with which fixtures can be serviced at the customer´s premises.


The production and office area in Pürgen is extended to 1,220 m² by the construction of a new building.


ATX takes over the fixtures division of Siemens AG in Augsburg, together with the workforce and technical equipment. A new stores building is constructed at the company´s location.


Our company relocates to made-to-measure facility on the Pürgen business park.


A.T.i.-Hardware GmbH is renamed ATX Hardware GmbH.


A.T.i.-Hardware GmbH, Eching, is founded by Hans Drexler and Benedikt Epple.