Costumer Specification Specialist Fixture Solutions. Test equipment for Bunr-in test, FCT and ICT test.


Made-to-measure and produced on state-of-the-art machinery.

As soon as the technological concept for your individually developed special machine has been completed and approved by you our production planning team begin to compile the data and control the subsequent production processes. Because both the design and production is implemented at ATX the specialist engineers work in close coordination and integrate optimisation stages even during production. Along our production line a large number of specialists are responsible for the manufacturing process using a spectrum of up-to-date production machinery which in its variety and composition is unique within Germany.

Our stock of high-quality production components include one Isel flatbed milling table with an eight-section tool changer, and five CNC automatic drilling and milling machines, four of them with integrated loader. Further facilities include two CNC-controlled milling machines, two HSC milling machines, a cycle lathe and a vibration isolation system. Added to these there are five semi-automatic wiring stations which we have developed ourselves and an automatic wiring tester. Thanks to this comprehensive production environment we can offer you made-to-measure solutions based on integrated in-house production.

ATX fixture solutionATX fixture solutionATX fixture solution

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