Costumer Specification Test equipment for PCB-Test.

Quality assurance

We know what your priority is – top quality.

Our customers have widely differing technical testing requirements, but if there is one subject on which they are unanimous then it is quality at the highest level. And because we know how important this is to you, quality with the "Made in Germany" seal of approval applies on every level at ATX.

In order to implement these high standards when it comes to the production of special machinery our designers and production experts document all the customer's quality specifications. Quality specifications from earlier projects are also looked at and integrated where appropriate. Each project is documented in detail.

The raw materials, pneumatic components and all other parts used in our special machines are also subject to the highest quality standards only. And of course our modern machinery, including the testing systems we ourselves have developed, can meet these requirements. The semi-automatic wiring equipment we have developed for our final quality controls operates with the highest precision and true-to-cycle.

And what applies to the technical hardware is of course also true of our special machinery team. As is the case with all our other personnel, for them it is part of their professional development to take part in regular advanced training for the purpose of ensuring the highest quality standards.