Service Specialist Fixture Solutions.

Repair service

We repair it ... and then we test it rigorously.

As an expert in testing and a technical specialist you are aware of the fact that you can occasionally have situations where even the best on-the-spot service is no longer enough. In such cases we support you with fast and professional repair services. We implement these at our works while ensuring that your standard test fixtures and special equipment maintain their value. A well-tried logistics system delivers your equipment to us quickly and then back to you by return of post.

This specific service would not be typical of ATX Hardware, however, if it didn't provide you with significant added value in the following way. We carry out the necessary repair work not just fast, completely and in top quality. We also implement final quality testing in addition to comprehensive functional tests. These are carried out on test equipment which has been specially developed for this purpose while simulating your specific test environment. This enables us to give your equipment a thorough test, which reduces the time required by you to put it back into operation.

The range of quality tests which we implement is large and is documented in detail so that you have a complete overview. It can be a mechanical or vacuum test, a continuous test of all probes, a short test of all probes or a test for the required double wiring, an interactive test of additional wiring with loc-pin function, supplemented by the special pin display – we have lots more possibilities and implement these with strict efficiency.