Company Specialist Fixture Solutions.


A company with values which are sure to appeal to you.

Would you like to know the values which are the driving force behind ATX? We have always focussed, not on short-lived success, but on long-term continuity in technical know-how, in the development of our company and above all in our relationships with our customers.

For this reason we have from the very start based our corporate philosophy on a number of core values: trust, partnership, responsibility for the interests of our customers. These are values which we put into practice day in, day out. We continue to be a medium-sized, an owner-operated company in which the management is also closely involved in daily operations. In spite of the size of our company, which has now reached considerable dimensions for an fixture production enterprise, we maintain a culture of short distances, direct communication, team-oriented cooperation and both professional and personal appreciation of others.

The management and workforce of ATX regard themselves as a team which is characterised by a high level of identification with the company and commitment to shared targets. Our low level of personnel fluctuation is a demonstration of this.

In this respect one further point is well worth mentioning: in spite of all technological innovations we have deliberately remained a down-to-earth and tradition-oriented company. We regard this as essential if we wish to offer, in addition to leading-edge technology, a high level of closeness to the customer, straightforwardness, dependability and solid values.