Service Test equipment for your PCB-Test.

On-the-spot service

Your production needs to run non-stop! We couldn't agree more.

The times are past when you had to remove your fixture from the network in order to send it in for a check-up, with the resulting highly expensive interruptions and delays in production. This problem is solved by the direct and convenient on-the-spot service provided by ATX. And this means the service is efficient, trouble-free and extremely beneficial for you.

Our service technicians are highly qualified and well-trained. In addition they have had the opportunity to enhance their technical know-how in all the technical divisions of ATX and to add to it in practice. They are basically all real fixture professionals, who are familiar with all the difficulties and obstacles.

Because our service experts have in-depth knowledge in both mechanics and electronics one specialist is entirely sufficient to implement an on-the-spot service, implementing all the necessary maintenance and repair work at your company conveniently and fast. Wherever possible this work is even done while normal production operations are taking place.

You therefore have a number of benefits at a stroke, because this process saves you time and logistical effort. Downtime is restricted to an absolute minimum and the necessary service is implemented with the shortest possible response time. A technician and an on-the-spot appointment are all we need, because we have specially equipped standby vehicles with all the necessary tools and a well-equipped stock of spare parts. And in order to make the service perfect we can implement service operations for fixtures made by other manufacturers at the same time.