Service Test equipment for incircuit and functional test.


Informative and motivating training for your operators and users.

Who can get the test specialists in your company fit for the qualified and practical operation of new fixtures or special equipment? Who can show them how to operate modified or modernised test systems in the correct way? The answer is simple: the highly qualified specialists from ATX offer you the right kind of training, combining not just technical know-how but also the necessary teaching skills to communicate it. The guiding principle of our training courses dealing with the specific requirements and functional areas of your staff is "From practical experts for practical experts". We focus on the main technical specifics which are relevant to your company and provide a wealth of useful tips and recommendations. The specialist technicians from your company will benefit from the in-depth, problem-solving know-how of our experts, will be able to perfect their own expertise and in addition learn the latest trends and possibilities for process optimisation. A practical and concrete training topic could, for example, be incorrectly assembled probes, push fingers and wiring. However, we also provide training in the correct application of materials for cleaning and maintenance.

Training at your place or at ours? This is a question that needs a lot of consideration. In both cases you benefit significantly – if the training takes place at your company your personnel do their learning right at their own workstations and you save travel costs. On the other hand, if you send your staff for training at ATX in Pürgen they will also be able to view our production operations.