Service Specialist Fixture Solutions.

Modification service

Changes in your PCBs? All we need to do is modify the fixture!

It can happen that the final product you supply to your customers changes. Logically this also changes the relevant configuration of electronic assembly groups and the layout of your PCBs. However, this is no reason to replace a reliably operating test fixture or your high-capacity special machine. Apart from the cost this would also involve both time and significant and expensive interruptions to your production. However, the reliable modification service offered by ATX will spare you all these problems. We'll be happy to step in at any time whenever it comes to ensuring that your technical components can cope with new test scenarios.

Specially qualified technical specialists at ATX are ready to secure your investment in testing hardware in the long-term, too. For this purpose we rely on a stock of machinery which has been specially assembled for this purpose. This enables us to respond to your requirements in a way which is fast, targeted and relatively low cost.

As our experts have a detailed knowledge of all relevant test systems it is easy for them to adapt existing fixtures and special equipment to new or modified test operations in an expert and comprehensive way. For example, it is no problem to re-drill fully assembled and wired fixtures on our special machinery. By recording all details in our thorough customer management programme your specific test parameters are known to us anyway. This means that in adjusting and modifying your technical components we can systematically use these as a basis. The competent modification service offered by ATX also includes quality testing before delivery. After all, the aim is that the modified test components operate smoothly and without interruption in your production facilities.