Vacuum fixtures are suitable for all common test systems and impress in every respect with their lightness, speed and cost-effectiveness. We adapt the vacuum cassette exactly to the size of the corresponding circuit boards and thus ensure fast suction with minimum device weight.

The fixtures are subjected to a complete quality check, including wiring tests, before delivery. To ensure maximum flexibility, we supply the devices in all expansion stages for all available test systems from renowned manufacturers.

You decide how your new vacuum fixture is delivered to you: fully assembled and fully fitted, fully wired and tested, drilled and fitted only, drilled only or as an empty kit. We also offer bi-level versions as an additional option. Self-assemblers appreciate our high-quality empty kits, where size and modification can be flexibly selected. An extensive range of accessories from hold-downs, vacuum bonnets and mechanical pressure units to plug contact modules, board markers, probe and needle material, setting tools and many other tools leaves nothing to be desired.

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