Plug contact modules

Reliable testing of signals

Maximum reliability is essential for testing the function of connectors and signal connections. Particularly in industries such as the automotive sector, medical technology or aerospace, signal routing via plug connections must function flawlessly. In the field of fixture construction, we therefore rely on the design and use of precise approach mechanisms that guarantee the functionality, quality and reliability of the test with the help of customised connector masks.

Original test plugs often have too many tolerances and take up too much space in the test room and are sometimes difficult to remove as they are fixed in place by a mechanical latch. We meet these challenges with customised replicas using connector masks that have an individual geometry and are precisely matched to the respective connectors to be tested in order to guarantee optimum accuracy. Particular attention is paid to a floating bearing in order to compensate for any tolerances of the plugs/sockets to be contacted and to enable precise contact. Care must also be taken when selecting materials, as the multiple test cycle requires robust, abrasion-resistant and lubricious materials.

Regardless of the plug/socket type, be it DC connectors, D-Sub or customised solutions such as those commonly used in the automotive sector, we can reproduce everything. Precision plays a key role, as each test plug has a unique geometry that must be accurately reproduced. With our expertise and technical equipment, we can cover a wide range of connector types - from standard connectors to specialised interfaces, we offer customised solutions to meet your requirements. Depending on your preference, the test plugs can be approached mechanically, pneumatically or electrically. Right from the start, we also ensure that maintenance can be carried out easily.

Plug contact module

The lateral approach mechanism or contacting ensures a reliable connection of the DUTs and signals to be tested and minimises errors. Overall, the development and manufacture of contact modules/test plugs play a key role in your test environment to ensure the quality and functionality of connections in various applications.

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Plug contact module
Plug contact module


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