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ATX is a European leader in the development and construction of test fixtures. We are a rock-solid medium-sized company that employs a large staff of developers and designers. Our employees bring with them far more than 1,000 man-years of experience in fixture construction. We apply this enormous expertise to every new project in order to develop customised products that optimally support industry-specific processes.

Our customers place particular value on our products, which are not only reliable and uncomplicated to use, but also meet the highest quality standards - and at fair prices. Fast processing of offers and orders is just as essential for us as complete transparency.


You set goals. We make them come true.

With us, you benefit not only from our wide range of products, but also from our close cooperation as early as the product development phase. We advise you right from the start on the optimal test environment and provide valuable impulses for design and optimisation. In doing so, we exploit all technical possibilities and are not bound by our enclosure designs or other standards.

Your advantages at a glance:

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Wide assortment

Our extensive range offers you the opportunity to carefully select the right basic framework for your individual fixture from a wide range of options to meet your requirements.

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Each of our product developments begins with an in-depth consultation in which we advise you on the optimum test environment from the outset and offer valuable impetus for design and optimisation.

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Our sales experts come from manufacturing and have extensive technical know-how. Their goal is to understand the customer's requirements precisely and to apply ATX's technical expertise in a targeted manner.

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In addition to test fixtures and matching accessories, we also offer a wide range of customised products such as test plugs, product carriers, probes, cable assemblies,...

Our assortment

Which fixture suits you?


MMI series
Mechanical, ergonomic

With optimised ergonomics for function and ICT test

HF series I High-frequency adapters

MMIHF series
Mechanical, ergonomic, high frequency

For high-frequency and radio applications

Our new product series I ME2

ME2 series

For functional and
ICT test

LHS² Series I Linear Lever Clamp

LHS2 series
Linear arm fixture

Hand fixtures for small adaptations/assemblies

MEE series I Electromechanical adapters

Mechanical, electrical stroke

For high piece numbers in the absence of a compressed air supply

MEP series I Pneumatic adapter

MEP series
Mechanical, pneumatic stroke

For high actuating forces and high piece counts

PWG series I Pneumatic adapters

PWG series

Changing system for high actuating forces and high piece counts

High-frequency drawer

RF drawer
High frequency

High frequency and radio application for automated operation

Vacuum fixtures

Vacuum fixtures

For all common
ICT test systems

Fine Pitch fixture

Fine Pitch fixture

Rigid needle system for contacting compact assemblies

In-Line Fixture

In-Line Fixture

For all common
Handler types

Interface converter ATX 2

Interface converter

To use existing fixtures with new test system


Presentation. Request. Offer.

Do you already have specific ideas and would like a customised quote? Then why not use our checklist, which has been tried and tested for many years and serves as the basis for an optimal fixture construction enquiry.


We will be happy to advise you!

Do you have any questions about fixture construction, would you like to arrange a consultation or receive a customised offer? Then please contact us. Our sales team is always ready to help you.

Tel: +49 8196 9304-0
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