Product overview

Diverse. Innovative. Flexible.

Our test fixtures are specially designed to precisely meet your requirements. They are versatile and provide a reliable connection between your test system and your product. Whether you need to test electronic components, PCBs or other products - our test fixtures are the right choice.

In addition to an extensive selection of test fixtures that leaves nothing to be desired, you will also find the matching accessories. Our range includes test fixtures, test plugs, battery contacting, FEASA analysers and also the possibility of implementing special projects. 

No matter what testing problem you need to solve, we have the right solution!

MMI series I Ergonomic, mechanical adapter

Mechanical fixture kits

MMI-, ME2-, LHS2-, MMIHF-, MEP-,
PWG, MEE, SAM series

GR 228X

Vacuum fixture kits

Pylon block fixture, Teradyne, Keysight, Digitaltest,
Seica, Cobham (Aeroflex), ATX exchangeable system

Battery contact

Customised solutions

Test fixtures, special projects, battery contacting,
Test plug, Feasa Analyser

Adapter accessories hold down


Mechanical fixtures, vacuum fixtures, 
interface blocks, spare parts

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