Winning photo ATX betting game for the football World Cup

ATX betting game for the 2022 World Cup

What a neck-and-neck race it was again in our internal betting game for the 2022 World Cup.
Who would have thought that Argentina would win the cup?
Well, some of our participants had a very good instinct and correctly assessed the teams and match results. It was a very tight affair, but in the end, three participants secured places 1-3 and really cleaned up! Whether it was tactics or just luck...we'll probably never know! 🙂

We congratulate our colleagues on their victory and wish them lots of fun with their winnings - they have earned it!

We have also come up with something very special for our winners:
The ultimate, specially developed and produced ATX World Cup trophy!

As part of a trainee project, our trainees independently designed and manufactured an individual World Cup trophy. A perfect occasion to get together with your trainees.
and the machines. 3D printing was also part of the programme during production and the result is really impressive.

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