19 inch test tower - oblique view

Special project I 19 inch test tower

No matter how special or challenging your requirements are. ATX's fixture solutions can map your needs to 100%. This is also the case with our latest special project - the 19 inch test tower with five contact drawers for a total of 20 DUTs.

Here, each level is loaded with 4 DUTs and moved manually into a lateral contacting at the same time by means of a sliding carriage. As soon as all drawers have been loaded, they move simultaneously from bottom to top into a fixed top contacting according to a principle developed by ATX. The multiplexing of the DUTs was solved with a mechanical, vertically movable interface separation in the rear area.

The system is used for burn-in and function tests, for flashing assemblies or for battery cell contacting. Contacting | ATX Hardware (atx-hardware.de).

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