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Change of Managing Director

With 25 years of experience in the field of test systems, ATX Hardware GmbH is Europe's market leader in the production of test adapters for electronic test procedures. As a specialised solution provider, we project, design and produce customer-specific products in semi-automated individual and small series production. Our customers use the products for in-circuit, functional and final tests of electronic assemblies and printed circuit boards. Usually, the DUTs to be tested are assembled PCBs that are contacted for a so-called in-circuit test, a functional test or for housed assemblies in the final test. Our customers are EMS service providers (Electronic Manufacturing Services) and well-known manufacturers of assembled electronic assemblies and components from all electronics sectors. As a medium-sized company, the ATX Group employs over 170 people at two locations in Upper Bavaria (Pürgen) and in Baden-Württemberg (Weil im Schönbuch).

A change in management is a significant step for any company - and this is also the case for the ATX Group.

 In 1997, Hans Drexler, a trained electromechanic and information electronics technician, founded his own company together with Benedikt Epple - ATX Hardware GmbH. The company founder has now been familiar with the construction of test equipment for 40 years and has continuously developed the company, thus paving the way for it to become a first-class European market leader. Today - 25 years later - he can look back on a successful company history and around 40,000 test fixtures delivered. At the end of the year, Hans and Sylvia Drexler, who have been responsible for administration and finances, will leave the company to pursue new and exciting private challenges. Before their departure, the Drexler couple ensured the continuity of the company and have now handed over the management to Markus Rauch and Robert Schulz.

Concentrated know-how combined at management level

Robert Schulz previously focused on the area of finance at ATX Hardware, which means he is already familiar with the internal processes and day-to-day business. In his new role as managing director, he uses his experience and knowledge in a targeted and strategic manner. Markus Rauch - a graduate engineer in electrical engineering - is also no stranger to the construction of test equipment. He has been involved with test and measurement equipment since the beginning of his professional career and is therefore very familiar with the market and the developments in the construction of test fixtures. Both now combine their competences, know-how and experience to drive the growth of ATX Hardware.

For the new management team, the company's goals are clearly in focus: "ATX will continue to stand out from the competition with its high innovative strength, product quality as well as flexibility and your readiness to deliver and focus specifically on its core competence. The development of technically first-class special solutions that prove themselves in practice every day under the most diverse requirements and environmental conditions is one of our favourite disciplines, where we can fully apply our creativity and performance. Our qualified and experienced staff is the key to the ATX success story, which we will continue in the spirit of Hans and Sylvia Drexler," says Markus Rauch.

An era comes to an end

Hans Drexler will remain part of the management until the end of this year and will support the new management team in the best possible way during this time and introduce them to their new roles. Until then, Rauch and Schulz, together with their colleagues, customers and business partners, will ensure a seamless handover of the management.

A new and exciting time is beginning for Markus Rauch and Robert Schulz, for which we wish them all the best.

Managing Director-ATX
Managing Directors Robert Schulz, Hans Drexler and Markus Rauch
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